Hello World! Welcome to BitHub.Africa

Welcome to BitHub Africa the first Blockchain Accelerator catering to Africa’s needs. We are driving the adoption of Blockchain technology like Bitcoin across the African continent.

Our Mission is to spread information and knowledge on the cutting edge Blockchain technologies emerging within the Global marketplace with the aim of solving problems here in Africa.

Our Goal is to enhance the adoption of relevant Blockchain Technologies and realize the full potential of these platforms while bringing together key players in both the public and private sectors.

The World’s most widely adopted Blockchain Technology currently is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has since 2008 evolved as the internet of money and is indeed the first Global network that allows for the exchange of value without trusting a third party. Bitcoin the currency is simply the first app of Bitcoin the platform just like email was the first app of Internet the platform.

Bitcoin will unleash the potential of the digital economy by making micro payments profitable creating new disruptive business models. We at BitHub Africa are excited to be bringing information about this new technological innovation to our people across Africa.

Bitcoin and other Blockchain technologies have the potential of unlocking the potential of the African people in these three thematic areas:

Political: The Decentralized Open Ledger underlying Bitcoin technology is known as the Blockchain and can be used for creating immutable voting systems that promote free and fair elections and decision making within African institutions.

Economic: The Distributed payment network defined as the bitcoin protocol can allow for transfer of money quickly and cheaply between business over large distances facilitating trade between African countries that were previously locked out of Global Trade.

Social: The Immutable characteristics that make up the Blockchain technology can allow for notarizing services that protect Cultural Rights and Intellectual Properties of the Indigenous people within Africa.

BitHub Africa looks forward to enhancing awareness about Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology.

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