crypto & cognac podcast

The Crypto & Cognac Podcast: The 2023 Black Blockchain Summit

John, the co-founder of the Black Blockchain Summit, is a guest on a podcast to discuss the impact of blockchain technology in Africa and the African diaspora. He is also involved in GitHub Africa, a Nairobi-based incubator aimed at promoting blockchain adoption across Africa. With a Master’s in Political Sociology from Oxford and a Bachelor’s…

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king arthur hayes

Fireside Chat with Arthur Hayes Part 1

This discussion between Arthur Hayes, Sinclair Skinner and John Wainaina Karanja covers multiple topics related to cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, and its role in both developed and developing economies. The text first highlights the potential for Bitcoin to act as a decentralized currency that gives ordinary people, not just the political elite, a means to trade…

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blockchain tech

ProofOfWork Show S01E05 Chaining em Blocks!

Blockchain is a data structure that stores records in a queue system. There are two types of blockchains: public and private. Public blockchains, like Bitcoin, allow anyone to view all transactions, while private blockchains restrict access to authorized individuals. In this session, we explain that a “block” is essentially a bundle of transactions. This bundling…

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African Opportunity

Results: Blockchain Opportunity Feasibility Study 2016

BitHub.Africa conducted a feasibility study on how Blockchain technology like Bitcoin could be harnessed to create new opportunities to solve problems in Africa. This was especially important given the recent decision by Kenyan Central Bank to issue a warning against Bitcoin. We surveyed 96 people who are already in the African Bitcoin Community using this form. What…

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Hello World! Welcome to BitHub.Africa

Welcome to BitHub Africa the first Blockchain Accelerator catering to Africa’s needs. We are driving the adoption of Blockchain technology like Bitcoin across the African continent. Our Mission is to spread information and knowledge on the cutting edge Blockchain technologies emerging within the Global marketplace with the aim of solving problems here in Africa. Our Goal…

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