Bitcoin Rush Features BitHub.Africa

Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin Rush a popular Crypto news channel on youtube featured us on its 61st episode. Bitcoin Rush does monthly features on bitcoin developments around the World using a interesting and informative format.

Our Founder John Karanja was featured in the open minute and discussed the goals of BitHub in Africa. Watch the video below:

The show transcript went as follows:

BitHub Africa, an Incubator for Startups using Blockchain Technology. They offer Consultancy-Services to these startups, by linking them to experts in Blockchain technology, Digital Marketing and Business Strategy.

Africa is leapfrogging traditional and legacy systems in use in much of the developed World through fast adoption of mobile and Internet based technology.

Cutting edge Blockchain technology such as Bitcoin is creating efficiency and disrupting international money transfer, resource management, and governance where transaction costs are high due to existing bottlenecks.

BitHub Africa currently based in Nairobi looks forward to identifying opportunities for Blockchain disruption in Africa and working with entrepreneurs to provide working solutions across the continent.

BitHub.Africa is now available on the Android platform. This application allows you to get the latest Information on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology in Africa today. The Android platform is currently the most widely used mobile operating system in Africa with millions of users across the continent today.

Participate in this exciting development and download their application on the Google-Play-Store. Links are below. It’s BitHubAfrica.Com

The show also featured EuropeCoin and AirBitz. Subscribe to Bitcoin Rush social media channels below: