crypto & cognac podcast

The Crypto & Cognac Podcast: The 2023 Black Blockchain Summit

John, the co-founder of the Black Blockchain Summit, is a guest on a podcast to discuss the impact of blockchain technology in Africa and the African diaspora. He is also involved in GitHub Africa, a Nairobi-based incubator aimed at promoting blockchain adoption across Africa. With a Master’s in Political Sociology from Oxford and a Bachelor’s…

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blockchain tech

ProofOfWork Show S01E05 Chaining em Blocks!

Blockchain is a data structure that stores records in a queue system. There are two types of blockchains: public and private. Public blockchains, like Bitcoin, allow anyone to view all transactions, while private blockchains restrict access to authorized individuals. In this session, we explain that a “block” is essentially a bundle of transactions. This bundling…

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laptops mining

ProofOfWork Show S01E01 Laptops are for Mining!

In this episode we discuss how the Melanin Solar project uses blockchain technology and CPU mining to enable community members to trade electricity. Utilizing the Lightning Network and the Whive protocol, the system allows energy to be stored and shared as digital tokens. Over 2,000 people are expected to gain affordable power access through this…

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KubitX - BitHubAfrica Partnership

Announcing Melanin Academy an Internship Program for Africa

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Nairobi, Kenya: September 30, 2019 BitHub.Africa, a Blockchain Accelerator focused on driving Financial and Energy access across Africa is announcing the launch of Melanin Academy which will provide a 6-month long Blockchain Engineering Training and Internship program to selected youth across the African continent. This will be done in partnership with KubitX a…

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Blockchain Essentials

Blockchain Essentials Training at Strathmore University

Blockchain is a booming sector with ample opportunities waiting for you in the market. If you think you have the right skill sets to work in Blockchain domain and wish to get adapted to this trending wave, then you should be able to take the necessary actions to enjoy the power of this revolutionary platform.In…

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Tutorial: Set up a Bitcoin Lightning Node on a Raspberry Pi!

This guide was written by Edwin Kiaraho, a Community Member at BitHub Africa. Reach Edwin at ekairu(at) Prerequisites This guide was pieced together from several other online guides including:–lightning-on-a-raspberry-pi-f0ab7525586e   Port Forwarding Unless your Raspberry Pi is hosted on the network DMZ with a public IP address, you will need to forward incoming…

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