crypto & cognac podcast

The Crypto & Cognac Podcast: The 2023 Black Blockchain Summit

John, the co-founder of the Black Blockchain Summit, is a guest on a podcast to discuss the impact of blockchain technology in Africa and the African diaspora. He is also involved in GitHub Africa, a Nairobi-based incubator aimed at promoting blockchain adoption across Africa. With a Master’s in Political Sociology from Oxford and a Bachelor’s…

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solar wind

Driving adoption of Sustainable Energy Solutions Globally!

In this video John Wainaina Karanja C.E.O Melanin discusses the African energy market has untapped potential worth $2 trillion. With Africa’s fast-growing population, technologies like blockchain, IoT, machine learning, and AI can revolutionize access to energy. However, the high cost of solar systems and renewables, particularly when compared to oil and nuclear energy, poses a…

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coin supply

ProofOfWork Show S01E04 Coin Supply & Demand!

In this episode we explain that supply and demand, fundamental principles in economics, also apply to Bitcoin and its pricing. These forces can either increase or decrease supply and demand, thereby affecting price. Bitcoin was developed to address issues like inflation that erode people’s purchasing power over time. Traditional financial systems, managed by governments or…

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miners incentives

ProofOfWork Show S01E03 Incentives in Crypto! 

In this episode, the focus is on the role of incentives in blockchain technology, specifically in Bitcoin, to ensure network security. Two main consensus algorithms for providing these incentives are discussed: Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS). In PoW, miners use computational power to solve complex equations, thereby creating new coins and…

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laptops mining

ProofOfWork Show S01E01 Laptops are for Mining!

In this episode we discuss how the Melanin Solar project uses blockchain technology and CPU mining to enable community members to trade electricity. Utilizing the Lightning Network and the Whive protocol, the system allows energy to be stored and shared as digital tokens. Over 2,000 people are expected to gain affordable power access through this…

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John Karanja Futurism Forum

Driving Sustainable Energy Adoption across Africa using Blockchain

John Karanja, CEO of Melanin Solar and co-founder of BitHub Africa, presented at a conference on the topic of utilizing blockchain technology to advance sustainable energy adoption across Africa. Speaking from a rural region in Kenya, John highlighted that a significant portion (around 65%) of the African population lacks access to consistent energy, even though…

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