Blockchain Essentials Training at Strathmore University

Blockchain Essentials

Blockchain is a booming sector with ample opportunities waiting for you in the market. If you think you have the right skill sets to work in Blockchain domain and wish to get adapted to this trending wave, then you should be able to take the necessary actions to enjoy the power of this revolutionary platform.In the third week of November 2018, BitHub.Africa in partnership with ILab Africa kicked off a 5 day Blockchain training at Strathmore University. It was well planned and had a learning support strategy in place.

Our training process ensured commitment, and follow-through ensuring that participants realize their expectations, receive support, and learn something. The tutors were very excited to get started and had their content and materials ready all through the sessions. They ensured they got to connect with all the trainees from the beginners to the more experienced ones.

We were pleasantly surprised with the trainee attitude levels and commitments towards attending the training sessions that we were conducting. Furthermore we were very impressed and delighted at their efforts, attitude and behavior, they were simply impeccable. This type of attitude enhanced our efforts to achieve the successes of the acceleration of blockchain understanding and adoption.

The aim of the training sessions is to create awareness around the Blockchain Essentials which introduce the participants to key concepts within the Blockchain industry.

The training agenda contained the following:

  • Day 1: Internet of Money
  • Day 2: Wallets, Exchanges and Key Addresses
  • Day 3: Consensus Algorithms and Mining
  • Day 4: Ethereum and Smart Contracts
  • Day 5: Implementing Blockchain

Participants had the opportunity to understand the crypto-economics and have their first hands on Graphics Processing Unit computing devices and other equipment used for mining crypto currencies. They were also provided with all the resources needed to set them up.

Taking into consideration that this was the first training, the training material and process in its current form will be revised and the roll-out of the training initiatives will be better and we aim at customizing the curriculum to include the various target groups in attendance.

A big thank you to our hosts Strathmore University and the participants who helped us in making this week a real success. 

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