BitHub Africa at Dot Finance Africa Conference

DotFinanceAfrica Blockchain Panel

BitHub.Africa recently attended the Dot Finance Africa conference in Nairobi Kenya. The 2 day conference on 4th and 5th May touched on the financial technology and banking sectors with a focus on solutions for Africa.

Our Founder John Karanja was both a Speaker and Panelist and shared a stage with Chris Skinner, Jon Matonis and Graham Tonkin well known players in the Fintech and Blockchain sectors.

They key highlights of the discussion centered around Bitcoin and Blockchain as disruptive technologies that will disrupt key sectors ranging from finance, e-commerce and even governance.

It became clear during the discussion that peer to peer platforms will gain more traction over centralized applications due to their ability to self regulate vis a vis challenges with regulating centralized entities.

Jon Matonis during his key note presentation posited that Bitcoin was like digital gold and could now become be formally recognized as a commodity in the near future opening up in new markets.

John Karanja said that Blockchain and Bitcoin allowed for bottom up open innovation and permission-less inclusion of young Africans into the global market by allowing them to trade, develop solutions and even start businesses with just an Internet connection.

You can see more of talking points in the presentation John made below:

BitHub.Africa The Blockchain Opportunity by BitHub Africa